What better way is there to experience a destination than with a chef as your tour guide — in this case two! Certainly you can experience Spain and Italy on your own by taking in the sights and sounds, but experiencing a chef-led tour with fellow food-lovers is even more fun. Whether you are sipping a perfectly aged glass of Tempranillo in La Mancha, enjoying  “pici Toscani pasta” in a family-owned organic farm near Montepulciano, or savoring a seafood Paella in Madrid or Valencia, you are poised to learn about flavors, customs and cultural elements, all at once with chefs who are also native speakers as your guides.

Valencia, Elche, Mediterranean Coast and Mountains

Birthplace of the paella, Palm oasis, Wines and Hot springs
(23rd of April until 1st of May 2019)

Spain’s third-largest city has a unique mix of modern and classic art, urban beaches and Iberian-influenced cuisine. a bafflingly futuristic arts complex and even its own Holy Grail Valencia is a city that straddles the past and future quite well that creates a charm completely not found anywhere else in Spain! …

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Flavors of Spain: Madrid, Toledo, Cuenca & La Mancha

Cheese, Wine, Olive Oil and Rose Saffron Festival
(20th to 28th of October 2019)

From the capital Madrid big and cosmopolitan  going through the small  world heritage enchanted cities of Toledo and Cuenca and around the small villages and windmills and ancient castles of  La Mancha you will experience flavors, festivities, and culinary sensations like a local from the must-see sites and off-the-beaten path seducing places …

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Valencia,Elche ,Wine Fest and Mediterranean Sea

Birthplace of the paella, Palm oasis, Wines and Mediterranean treasures
(14th of April until 22nd of April 2020)

We are going back in 2020!! Yes, after our great trip last April 2019,we are  going back to this wonderful area with some great  surprises that we will announce in  details very soon!

Italian Future Trips

Italy future trip

Will be announced…